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The ensemble "Targovishki Slavej" was established in 2003. It consists of current and former students at Prof. N. Marinov gymnasium (Targovishte) who are studying Bulgarian Folklore. Its artistic leader is Elena Vasileva, whose goal is to find authentic songs and to preserve and popularize them through young talents. In 2004 the ensemble released its first album DVD, which made it popular throughout Bulgaria. The Slavej's repertoire includes songs from all folklore regions in Bulgaria. Its members can learn and apply the different styles of Bulgarian folklore easily. The concern and challenge of the ensemble are unknown, forgotten or little known folklore songs, which dominate its repertoire. All members of the ensemble are also solists and winners of prizes at many national and international folklore competitions and festivals.

In 2009 the new album "Izgrev" was released, which contains 20 songs and dances. Some of the songs have been recorded for the first time. The record contains music from six of Bulgaria's Folklore regions.

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  1. " Velo Mome "-Mp3
  2. " Katerino Mome " -Mp3
  3. " Abre Iunache " -Mp3

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